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Life in the Trenches Reflection

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Trench warfare refers to a type of land warfare that was fought in trenches and is commonly known for having been used in the World War I. The soldiers used this tactic to protect themselves from enemy fires and other attacks. The soldiers however used to live in fear of being infected with a disease such as cholera and typhoid since the trenches were filled with dirty water. The trenches also minimized the risks of attack from the opposite side because they always lived in fear of what technology would advance to. Thus, the soldiers would duck and avoid being shot by the flying bullets hence finding shelter and surviving in the trenches. Life in the trenches protected the soldiers from the enemies but also got sick from water borne diseases as well as air borne.

Life in the trenches was horrible as it was characterized by stagnant waters, rats, lice and waterlogging all of which contributed to the harsh and dangerous conditions. Trench fever, trench nephritis and trench foot are some of the diseases commonly known to have affected the soldiers. This greatly affected the warfare because a bog percentage of the soldiers succumbed to the diseases. In fact this condition got worse and a rotation schedule had to be adopted to ensure that every soldier has time to recover and regain strength. Thinking about the life that these soldiers had itself is devastating because it was a routine as they struggled strongly to fight their enemies. Also, the fact that their entire life was in the trenches as they fought makes my blood rush because I am trying to image the conditions in there.


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