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Summary of Surah Hujoraat

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Summary of Surah Hujoraat

1. In those days people used to call Rasulullah from outside of his room, it was incorrect, to be avoided.

2. This chapter describes the etiquettes of addressing him and dealing with him.

3. Also spreading rumours is prohibited, with out its verification.

4. Allah blesses Muslims with belief through Rasulullah as He knows every thing.

5. Allah orders to compromise when two faction of Muslims quarrel with each other. Support that faction which is being oppressed very justly and impartially.

6. All Muslims are brothers.

7. All the men and women to avoid taunting, criticizing, and finding fault with each other.

8. Avoid calling each other with bad names.

9. To avoid excessive suspicions and doubts about others.

10. Avoid spying, back biting and finding fault, does any body like to eat the flesh of his dead brother.

11. All human biengs are from the race of Adam having different tribes or families.

12. Nobody becomes great with his wealth or gold or his family, but the great is, whose piety (taqwa) is great.

13. Allah describes the importance of belief (Iman) and about the belief of the Muslims in general.

14. Simply entering Islam and having a complete firm belief makes lot of difference, as in those days Aarabi used to boast their belief after entering Islam with lot of exaggeration.

15. A true Muslim who firmly believes in Him and Messenger without having any doubt, works hard with all his resources for performing good acts.

16. Allah expresses that to embrace belief is not a favor to Allah and His Messenger, but this is the favor of Allah who granted him guidance.

17. Allah knows all the visible and invisible including the servant's deeds and the whole universe.

Articles of Faith

(ايمان مفصل) آمنت بالله وملئكته وكتبه ورسله واليوم الآخر والقدر خيره وشره من الله تعالى والبعث بعد الموت

I believe in Allah, in His angels, in His books, in His messengers, in the last day, and in the fact that everything good or bad, is decided by Allah, the Almighty, and in life after Death.

1. Oneness of Allah

2. Angles

3. Revealed Books


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