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Enter the Void: Plot Segmentation

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Enter The Void: Plot Segmentation

by Chintya Dewi Winoto 110037767

The segmentation  can look at how the view of camera/Main Character Appearance and transformation (usually with lighting or zoom to a lamp) .

        In the beginner  part , the camera view is first person view (you can't see the main character). The film start with Oscar (the main character) is speaking with his Sister(Linda) in balcony of their crook apartment while they are gazing a night of a city in Japan . The conversation is about death "they say fly when you died" (Oscar said) and he recommends a book (The Tibetan Book of Death) to his sister. Until this point, audience can't see the main character appearance. Then, Oscar consuming DMT, and audience start see the main character but not Cleary. The screen is about 'real-life-experience' use DMT, it play with a lot color light and something float like jellyfish .  He gets call by someone who want to buy drug (there's an information that he make living by selling drug) He ask Oscar to come bring the drug to the place called "Void" . After sober/finish using DMT, Audience see again the main character Cleary by mirror (the main character see himself in mirror). A Friend of him (Alex) come and they walk together into "Void". While walking, They are talking about the book (The Tibetan Book of Death) and the meaning of death.

        Then an accident happened,  Oscar died because get shot of police who try to capture Oscar. His soul float. and he see him own body. The camera angle become very long shot (VLS) and take from sky, it is as if audience see what Oscar's soul see. The change of camera view means start to enter the main of the movie which about Oscar's death.  Before change of view camera, there is black screen then camera zoon in to a lamp and the screen cover with bright color which fade in and fade out fast. Oscar's soul fly around. He see the impact of his death on his friends and sister. First, he see his body take away, and His buyer/friend (Victor) who trap Oscar to get jail screams and cries, then his friend, Alex run away from police, and the last is his sister and her boyfriend (Mario) do sex. Oscar enter Mario body to see the pleasure face of his sister. When, Linda knows his brother is died. She starts to cry . The screen is fade in and fade out then suddenly zoom in to a lamp.

        The Camera view change to behind main character (audience can see the shoulder and head of main character). This is mean a new section (middle part) and this is about The flashback of Oscar. Starting with him heard his sister cry while holding her bear-doll  and a lot scene about his sister, then he father, he and his family, his grandmother , and a lot scene his mother and then the death of his parent, the scene about his sister and they make promise to always together but then Linda is being take away for take care by another family. He speak with Alex and his co-work, and talking about their work (an artwork, miniature of city with have neon lighting everywhere) and bring sister to Tokyo. After that, He meet his buyer and their family. He fuck his mother and the imagine of his mother always come out (when Oscar suck Victor mother breast, he remember he suck his mother breast before and then Linda suck his mother breast too). There is a screen in the past, Oscar ask to his mother "What happed to die" and "do you love bla bla than me?" and then  He see his mother have sex with his father and suddenly change to Linda have sex with Alex.  For the sake bring his sister Tokyo, he starts to sell drug. He buys the drug from gay drug dealer. Alex's coworker show 'the Love Hotel' to Oscar and Alex lend the book to Oscar. The Happy part come, Finally Oscar meet Linda. There a lot scene about how happy there are and how close they are. Linda get offer job as a stripper by Mario. Victor know Oscar fuck his mother and get angry. and the scene back to beginner, he speaks with his sister until He gets shooting. The screen become black.


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