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Service Vehicles Reservation/scheduling and Utilization

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Land Bank of the Philippines is a government owned and controlled corporation with multiple branches and subsidies existing nationwide. The Zamboanga-based units of LBP consist of the ORH, Zamboanga Main Branch, Zamboanga Centro Branch, Zamboanga WMSU E.O., Zamboanga Lending Center, Agrarian Operations Center, Development Agriculture Center, Field Legal Services, and the Zamboanga Accounting Center, each to its own functions and operations which utilizes only three service vehicles for its daily traveling transactions as of the current moment. In lieu with this, many circumstances occurred wherein which the problem with reserving the service vehicle for certain travel transactions have been affected. Thus, this research was conducted in response to the pertinent problem as for the employees of various units in reserving the service vehicles particularly for out of town travels; for the company's service vehicle drivers in scheduling and maintaining the efficiency of service vehicles; for determining the probable causes affecting the inefficient use of the corporation's service vehicles and for the proper reorganization of the standard operating procedures in the reservation, scheduling, maintenance and utilization of the corporation's service vehicles.

The research will be conducted within the premises of Land Bank of the Philippines between the periods of May, 2012 until the final submission of the research proposal on July 30, 2012. The research will be conducted through background research focusing on the various details concerning and affecting the major problem likewise with the related literature; followed by a series of informal interviews with the various employees involved in order to gather and analyze data; and finally with the interpretation, calculation and analysis of the data gathered which will be subjected for the derivation of the conclusion and generalization of proposed solutions to the impending problem that is affecting the productivity, workplace and the functions of the employees of Land Bank of the Philippines.


This research proposal primarily focuses on the problem about the S.O.P. and policies being implemented in the request for and the utilization of the LBP service vehicle by employees of the LBP Zamboanga–based units. Therefore, the question remains, "is there really a problem with the S.O.P. and policies in requesting for reservation/scheduling and utilization of LBP Service Vehicles?" This research was primarily triggered by the emerging problems resulting from the reservation or scheduling of the utilization of the corporation's service vehicle for the various transactions held not just within the city proper


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