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Important Component of Project Management - Scheduling

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An important component of project management is scheduling. The process of scheduling allows the PM to have a guideline to establish the various stages of a project from beginning to end. The first step of an efficient schedule is the Workbench Structure (WBS). From the WBS the PM can determine which tasks depends on another task and the duration of the tasks. There are several different tools a PM can use to ensure that the project is on target and to provide direction on how to best plan for obstacles. Even though there are tools available to make the project run as smooth as possible, the PM will still need to brainstorm with his or her team. By continuing to rely on the feedback from the project team, the PM will have the benefits of both technology and the expertise of the team members who have the knowledge of how past projects have succeeded and failed.

Some of the tools available are Gantt charts and PERT analysis. A Gantt chart can be created in Microsoft Project. An advantage to using this method to track a project is that the program is user friendly and only entails entering the data into the chart sheet and then tracking the project accordingly. Using the PERT analysis , which is in a flowchart form, is more efficient as a Gantt chart in displaying how one task such as roof repair depends on removing old shingles. According to Mantel, Meredith, Shafer, & Sutton (2008), “Even with software aid, the technical dependencies are harder to see on a Gantt chant than on a PERT/CPM network.” What this means is that by using the PERT/CPM method, the PM can have a better visual on what task rely on another to be completed.

An important aspect of scheduling a project is to determine the critical path. All projects, small and large, have the probability of having a critical path. What this does is determine what in the duration of the project schedule could cause the project to not meet its deadline.


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