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Sartre is the author of a small and popular book that explains the aspects of existentialism. This book is known as Existentialism and Human Emotions and was first published in 1947. In the text, Sartre talks of the matter of ideology of human freedom. The argument ‘existence precedes essence’ is among the most renown parts of his book and points out that there is nothing like a given or designated human nature. Alternatively, the author points out that it is the choices of an individual and his acts that develop his identity. The author seems to be pointing out that man exists first, and then his actions and choice defines his essence.

Sartre also discusses and give argument about the philosphical ideology that existence comes before essence, a concept that involves aspects of free will and accountability concerning to human choice. The theory that existence come before essence indicates that people, just a human reality, come before any concepts of morals and values. This is to mean that man is born an empty slate: he has no predetermine or universal ethics and common that later become common to everyone in society. Therefore, a person has to develop for himself the meaning of humanity and what composes existence by applying responsibility for his and control of his choices and actions. As it follows, man attains his essence by individual actions and choices. This indicates that it is only through living that human beings can define themselves.

Everyday, human beings are continuously involved in numerous activities and processes that help in creating their personal identities. As man is not born with any prior moral codes to follow, he has the ultimate freedom to establish his own set of beliefs. Nevertheless, despite the benefits this imposes on human kind, it is clear from the reading that the individual freedom of choice comes with the limitation of responsibility for the actions and


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