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Jose Rizal Is the National Hero of the Philippines

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Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines. He fought for the rights of us Filipinos from the Spaniards. He was so dedicated to save the country even though there are a lot of risks to take him. It didn't stop him to save what he really loves. He is a very loving brother, son and a friend. We saw how he loves his mother through his determination in studying in order for him to cure her sickness. He really worked hard for his family. Though it was hard for him at first, he still pushed through because he wants to save his family and then further our country.

I learned a lot in our subject Jose Rizal not only those information about him, his family and other related topics but also the values that we can get from it. As a Filipino, I was inspired by Rizal to love our country and be a proud Filipino. Examples of which are my love for Filipino foods, buying those products that are made in our country and being proud of the people who represent our country. I was also inspired on how he worked hard in his studies. Now that I am in college there are a lot of risks, temptations and other things that can influence us in a wrong way but I always make sure to prioritize my studies and be able to pass the requirements on time. Though sometimes I really don't go to school, I make sure to ask what happened that day or what did I missed. In the part of Rizal having different girls, I learned that we should be contented on what we have and be loyal and faithful to the person that is special for us. Now that I have someone special in my life, I learned how to true to him and understand his part. I always make sure we end our day in good terms. I also learned to be responsible on my actions because there is always something whether it is good or bad that will lead to. Rizal was very responsible in what he does outside our country most especially in handling with Spaniards.

Whether we look at the subject JOSERIZ as something insignificant,


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