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How Far Did Turkey Break International Law in Cyprus in 1974?

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How Far did Turkey Violate International Law and Order when She Invaded Cyprus in 1974?

On July 15th 1974 the military Junta known as EOKA-B led a coup against the Cypriot government of Archbishop Makarios III. This coup was the excuse for Turkey's military interference. Instead of restoring order in government as she had claimed was the aim of the intervention, Turkish troops pushed themselves through the island while claiming territory, lives and territory, reaching 38% of the island, to create the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, a state only recognised by Turkey and breaking countless international laws.

The result today is the only divided capital city in the world, a constant UN presence, hostile generations of Greek and Turkish Cypriots and a global political issue known as the Cyprus Problem. Turkey claims that the invasion was legal and the only option to restore the government, the rest of the world however, debates her claim.

Article 2 of the European Convention of Human Rights states "Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law" . The European commission that prosecuted Turkey proved several accounts of breaching Article 2, Turkey had been responsible for mass killings of Greek Cypriots. Evidence included an eye witness account, by a Greek Cypriot doctor, of 10 women and 5 children being murdered by Turkish soldiers in Palekythrone. More than 5000 people were massacred during the conflict. A report made by the Sunday times on January 23rd 1977 claimed that the court also received written accounts of a mass grave at Dheryina.

In 1977 witnesses for the court gave an unnamed team of journalists from the Sunday Times information on the Convention 257181/94, Cyprus v.Turkey. At this time the report was not made public. One women claims that three women and herself were shot by Turkish troops; she survived by pretending to be dead. The Commission voted 14 to 1 that mass killings took place and "there is nothing to show that any of these deprivations of life were justified" Turkey still ignores the charges today.

Turkey not only broke international law by failing to meet the standards of Convention of Human Rights, they also disobeyed the Geneva Convention, all 4 main parts of the convention, which was created to protect all people during times of warfare. It was discarded by Turkey as she murdered civilians, prisoners of war and wounded soldiers .

The Greek Cypriots charged the Turkish through the European Convention of Human Rights with responsibility of mass rapes of the country's civilians. Thousands of rape claims were made after the invasion and evidence against Turkey was substantial. Under Article 3 of the Convention, Turkey was responsible for subjecting people to inhuman and degrading treatment. The court had evidence of Turkish troops raping women between the ages of 12 and 71. The court heard evidence of a 6 year old


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