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Summary of Requirements and Terms of Reference for the First Six Cases

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To: Accounting 321 Students

From: Barry Spicer

Subject: Summary of Requirements and Terms of Reference for the First Six Cases

Class: Semester 1, 2011

1. As noted in the Course Outline each Accounting 321 student is to prepare a one-page summary which is to be handed in at the beginning of each seminar meeting. (The only exceptions to this requirement are the members of the designated Management Consulting Team and the Management Team for a particular case. However, it is recommended that members of these two teams also prepare a one-page summary prior to their discussions.)

2. The team designated as the Management Consulting Team will meet together and prepare a report and a presentation.

3. The Management Team should view itself as the senior manager or the senior management group who provided the terms of reference to the Management Consulting Team. It is the Management Team that receives the Management Consulting Team's report before the seminar and prepares a presentation raising questions and issues based on the Management Consulting Team's report.

4. Following presentations at the seminar by the Management Consulting Team and then the Management Team, the Management Consulting team will respond to the question and issues raised by the Management Team. Following this other members of the class will then have an opportunity to ask questions, raise issues, and join in the discussion. Other members of the class can think of themselves as Board members of the case company.

5. Details are set out in the Course Outline. It is important that you carefully read and follow these instructions so that the seminar can run smoothly and involvement, discussion and learning facilitated.

Terms of Reference for Each Case

CASE: McDonald's Is China Lovin' It?

• Management Consulting Team – No team assigned

• Management Team – No team assigned

Each member of class should prepare a one page summary as though they are a member of the Management Consulting Team. The case will be discussed in class as teams have not yet been formed.

McDonald's management has hired your team of consultants to provide a report on:

1. Environmental forces influencing McDonald's China development now and in the future.

2. Opportunities and threats that McDonald's


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