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Personal Plan for Building My Personal Brand

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Personal Plan for Building My Personal Brand


Week 5

Cassi Wardell

My passion has always been to work at a nonprofit children’s hospital like St. Jude’s as a hospital administrator.  To obtain a position as a hospital administrator, I will first need to complete my BSHA degree and get experience in a hospital setting under my belt.

For a position like hospital administrator you need to have an eye for detail, emanate professionalism, have strong multitasking skills, and understand local, state and federal rules and regulations regarding health care.  Hospital administrators are required to have problem solving skills, organize budgets for the facility and be effective collaborators with all departments (St. Judes).

A large and the most important role of a hospital administrator is to ensure that patients receive quality care.  This would require the staff to have regular and mandatory compliance training.  Enforcing the mission and values of the facility and upholding the policies in place to prevent medical errors (St. Judes).  

Short term goals to reach my long-term vision would be to start off as a department manager.  I would like to start off in medical billing and coding and work my way through different departments and build on the knowledge of the inner workings of each department; and the role they play in how the hospital functions.  This would give me an opportunity to show my value and build professional relations to help me advance in my career.

I would start my journey by sharing with my family and peers my desire to work in the healthcare field, and the steps I have taken and completed to make this goal a reality.  Once they can see my passion and drive to make it a reality, this could potentially put feelers out in the job market and could help me get strong leads in available positions in the area or within their company (quicksprout, ch.1).

I would prioritize job searching for a field I could thrive in and am passionate about; making sure that the company’s mission statement and values mirror my own (quicksprout).  I would familiarize myself with the company and their requirements and find a way to pitch my brand to the company through strong reference letters and a drive to succeed.

I would share my passions with the potential employer starting with my cover letter, and instill it in the interview process.  I would share my “why” and what lit the fire in my soul to make this a reality.  I would share my personal experience and relay prior experience that would make me a good fit for the company and their needs (quicksprout, ch. 1).

With this long-term vision in the forefront of my mind, I will prove my dependability, and willingness to take on new challenges.  I will exude professionalism through my employee and coworker interactions and communications.  I will show empathy to my coworkers and build a good team inspired environment (Carter, 2014).


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