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Mary Kay & Global Marketing

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Alexis Thompson

Case Study #2


Mary Kay & Global Marketing

        Mary Kay is a multinational firm because it utilizes a multi-domestic strategy and has different product variations, brand names, and advertising programs based off the countries where they do business. For example, in the Asian market, more specifically the Chinese and Japanese markets, Mary Kay had to realize the differences between American and Asian cultures and design their product lines accordingly. In China and Japan, the women prefer lighter skin, more facial creams, and skin care products. They had to adjust their message and their products to address the needs of the market and provide more anti-aging creams, facial moisturizers, and skin lighting makeup. They also made changes to the fundamental principles of the company. The long standing “God First, Family Second, and Career Third” was adjusted to “Faith First, Family Second, Career Third” to encompass the many denominations without pulling away from the image that Mary Kay wants to portray. Mary Kay is a multinational firm because it respects different cultural backgrounds and adjusts their business plans accordingly. (Quelch)

        According to the video in the discussion board, Mary Kay, upon entering India, had three things in mind; build a brand, build a sales force, and build an effective supply chain to support the sales force. They also placed their focus on affordability, so they used products that would not become obsolete in a short time, and used the most cost-effective skin care and color makeup. Also, to provide even more customer service for that demographic, Mary Kay developed exclusive products that are only available in India. This helps to ensure profitability, affordability, and availability. They also reach out to the demographics by stating the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, which almost mirrors India’s rule of “Do unto others as you would want to be treated.’


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