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Build the Brand Image

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1. Devide ur strategy into two stagies(from period 1-5:cost leader and 6-10 Premium Brand: to buid brand image)

We try to buid the brand image

Read the theory

- People like to buy expensive product . / sony apple you will think they are high quality products. Someone will be pleased to buy premium brand. Focus on upper-class

- Study theory--- improve your quality/ to make you brand to become premium brand to gain more profit

- The data that I can used is ‘Promotion’ we differatiate our brand to other company’s brand

- Give example : MSRP(ARS)= price : what did u do to make the cpn become premium brand and is u cpn successful/ use price compared with competitors to show

- For the theory we try to improve the quality of the product.

- Put data of Promotion

- Advertising(kind of promotion)/ our group put lots of money in advertising compared to other country(pick a coutry coz our cpn get into many coutry)

See slide 6

1. improve prduct’s quality

2. improve the quality of advertisement to be more exclusive like chanel which is diffent to primak

3. about distribution : increase sales forces

4. in different coutry we use different strategy like in Brazi

Put why

Give the summary of the simulation:

Slide 7-15

Put more effort on Premium Brand

See slide 6

1. improve prduct’s quality


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