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Seismic Vulnerability of Building Typologies in India-Iit Madras

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Seismic vulnerability of building typologies in India-IIT Madras (May'12 –Jul'12)

 Studied various types and classes of earthquake and identified some active plates in the Asian region

 Identified the 4 main building typologies in India and accentuated the main characteristics of each

 Carried out RVS (rapid visual Survey) to determine the structural configuration of different typologies

 Produced a graphical relation between the vulnerability and the magnitude of earthquake for each earthquake zone

 Presented a report to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)

During this project our entire team (six students and two professors) travelled to the interior parts of Tamil Nadu (Mahabalipuram), Kerela (Kollam district) and Andhra Pradesh (Ongole district) to collect relevant data.

The entire experience of travelling to these rural areas, interacting with people, discussing their problems and providing solutions was extremely enriching and adventurous.

However seeing the poor living conditions of people in some extremely backward areas was a humbling experience.

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